About Roll Happy

Roll Happy is a London-based team of qualified instructors offering roller skating classes and courses to adults of all skill levels. We currently offer roller skating lessons in South London, Central London and East London, helping skaters gain confidence and learn new techniques all while having loads of fun!

Meet our Qualified Roller Skating Instructors

Roll Happy's North London roller skate instructor Sarah balancing on her yellow Riedell crew roller skates

Sarah (she/her)

“Roller skating is my happy place - you can't beat the joy of gliding on eight wheels"

One of the founders of Roll Happy, Sarah first learned to skate in the 80s. She practised artistic skating at a National level and competed into her early teens, then hung up the skates for a while to focus on her design career. But, she couldn’t stay away for long - when her best friends gave her some leopard print roller skates, Sarah’s love for skating was reignited. Sarah loves to spread the joy of roller skating to adults of all levels through her empowering lessons, mixing technical instruction with high fives, laughs and plenty of 90’s R&B. Sarah teaches the Roll Happy roller skating classes in East London.

Roll Happy's South London skate coach Emma laces up her pink Moxi roller skates before a learn to roller skate lesson

Emma (she/her)

“Even if you’re feeling nervous, wobbly or clumsy, I'll get you rolling!”

Emma is one of the founders of Roll Happy, using her compassionate and patient teaching style to inspire a love for roller skating in beginners, and to encourage experienced skaters to bring out their best. She’s been rolling ever since a life-defining first trip to a roller disco 30 years ago, which kindled her lasting love for the sport. Emma trained as an Artistic roller skater - think figure skating on wheels - competing at top national level and winning a lot of trophies along the way! Emma teaches roller skating classes in South London.

Roll Happy's East London roller skating instructor Laura clips on her roller boots before teaching a roller skating class

Laura (she/her)

“Unlocking a new skill or trick has me grinning from ear to ear”

Laura is Roll Happy’s most adrenaline-fuelled instructor! When she’s not riding the ramps and doing cartwheels at the skatepark, she’s bringing her joyful teaching style and pop-punk playlists to roller skating classes in East London. Laura knows how frustrating it can be to learn tricks, drilling over and over - but thrives on the joy of cracking a new skill. If you’re unsteady on your wheels or feeling scared (why is it so scary trying something new as an adult?!), you can rest assured that Laura’s classes are a welcoming, safe space for you to learn to roller skate. 

Roll Happy's South London roller skate teacher Jiggy poses on his quad skates before leading a beginners roller skate class

Jiggy (he/him)

“My classes are a welcoming space for people who are introverted and want to discover their own freedom of movement”

Jiggy started his roller skating journey 14 years ago, falling in love with roller dance, rhythmic, and jam skating - basically any type of skating that involves music! For Jiggy, roller skating is about connecting with sound, expressing creativity through movement and ultimately being mindfully happy. Jiggy has both taught and attended workshops in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, is a mental health first aider and hosts the Skate of Mind Podcast.

Roll Happy's East London roller skating instructor Giulia working on her roller skating skills

Giulia (she/her)

"As soon as you meet someone else with roller skates on it’s an instant ice breaker"

Guilia loves exploring alternative ways to keep fit while having fun and started skating after discovering a pair of vintage roller skates in a charity shop - she hasn’t looked back since. You’ll always find her roller skating around the streets of London creating her own mini outdoor roller discos wherever she rolls. Guilia loves helping people overcome their fears and discover a new side of themselves by helping them learn to roller skate in her uplifting classes.

London based roller skating instructor Mellow balances on the front wheels of his quad skates

Mellow (he/him)

“Roller skating offers me a sense of being in the moment - a time when I can create and absorb myself in flow”

Mellow is known for his smooth, relaxed but technical skate style. He skated as a child and regained his love for roller skating after discovering the London jam skating scene. Skating has now become an integral part of his life, in his film-making projects he documents skate culture, the skate community and his continued journey in a lifelong learning experience on wheels. He has taught skating in Margate, London and for TV and Film productions. He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others find their flow in class.

Noelie (she/her)

“Skating is my sacred happy place - it's improved my balance, patience, creativity & confidence”

Noelie started roller skating after seeing her friend dancing on skates which looked so funky and fun, roller skating quickly turned into a form of escape and therapy for her. Noelie is the founder of Sk8Hub London, a project that organises intermediate/advanced level workshops with talented roller dancers from around the world. Noelie loves helping new skaters on their journey to break boundaries, build confidence and achieve the “impossible”.

Lucy (she/her)

‘Roller skating gives me more joy than any margarita or pizza ever could’ 

Lucy started roller skating in her 30’s, joining a roller derby team thinking ‘I roller skated once in the 80's... how hard could it be?!’. Turns out harder than she thought and this equips her with a first hand experience of learning to skate as an adult. Lucy fell in love with roller skating and 10 years later was captain of a roller derby team competing in international tournaments. Laughing while learning is Lucy’s signature teaching style, she taught countless rookies how to skate and fall (literally) in love with the sport, all with a sense of humour.

Old photos of the Roll Happy founders and their roller skating experience

Where Roll Happy started

Hi, we’re Sarah and Emma, two London-based roller skating instructors and the founders of Roll Happy. We first met at a crowded roller rink in 2018, recognising that we shared a similar skate background - we both trained in Artistic roller skating as kids and competed at a National level as teens. Now we skate for fun, away from exams, comparisons and lycra costumes, and aim to share our joy for the sport with as many people as possible. 

We started Roll Happy with the goal of providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for adult skaters to begin or continue their roller skating journeys. Our fantastic team of qualified instructors each bring their own personality and skate style to their roller skating classes. Encouraging you to try new skills and push yourself while also listening to your body and taking things at your own pace. There’s no pressure to perform here; just enjoy yourself.

Our roller skating classes in London will feed your soul and get you fit without even noticing. You'll be rolling happy in no time!

What to expect when you join a class with us


We want you to enjoy yourself in class and fall in love with roller skating. Expect uplifting playlists, games and laughs alongside technical training and motivational dance moves!


All adult roller skaters are welcome to join Roll Happy classes no matter what stage of their journey. We will teach you skills that will prepare you for all styles of skating, be that artistic roller skating, jam skating, rhythm roller skating, roller derby or just rolling around the park with your pals.


Safety is of the utmost priority during all Roll Happy roller skating classes, as, with any sport, roller skating comes with the risk of injury. Falling over is part of the journey when you learn to roller skate, but we will teach you how to fall safely to avoid injury. All Roll Happy classes and courses are taught by qualified instructors with First Aid certificates.


Roller skates can be expensive, and to get a long life out of your gear you need to keep it in good condition. In our beginners sessions we will introduce you to the skate tools you need in your kit bag, and teach you some basic roller skate maintenance to keep you rolling safely and smoothly.

About our venues

It's great to have your own space when you're learning a new skill. That's why all Roll Happy roller skating classes and courses are held at private indoor venues with smooth floors, drinking water, changing facilities and no spectators. Currently, Roll Happy offers indoor roller skating classes in South London, in North London and in East London.