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Most Asked FAQS

Do you do kids roller skating classes?

No, we don’t offer kids roller skating classes. All our classes are 18+ at the moment, but we are adding new classes all the time! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about new classes and courses.

Can you teach me to rollerblade?

Nope, sorry. We only offer classes for quad skates, classes are not available for inline skates.

Do you offer 1 to 1 roller skating lessons?

We don’t offer 1:1 private roller skating lessons at the moment. However, our classes have a maximum of 18 participants so you get plenty of face time with our instructors in our classes.

What is the minimum age requirement for roller skating lessons?

We only offer roller skating lessons to adults 18 and over. 

Can you host a roller skating class near me?

We have roller skating classes across London and we make sure all our venues are easily accessible by public transport.

Learn more about our venues here.

If you know an indoor venue with a beautifully smooth wooden floor that you’d love to skate on let us know by email or instagram.

Do you do online roller skating classes?

Not at the moment, but check out our Instagram page, where we share mini tips and trick videos.

Can I book a private group lesson for me and my friends?

No. We do not hold private group roller skating classes, only our scheduled events. If you and your friends would like to skate together, please make sure you all book the same course or class.

Refunds & Cancellations

I’ve booked a place but can no longer make it. Can I get a refund?

Once you’ve booked a place, the fees are non-refundable. Please check the date and time carefully before purchasing a ticket.

We know that sometimes things come up, so if we have time to sell your spot to another skater we will be happy to offer you a credit voucher. Let us know via email as soon as possible, and no later than 7 days before a course starts, or 48 hours before a class to be eligible for credit for the value of the class or course you booked, redeemable against your next booking with us.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled class or 7 days before the scheduled course starts are not eligible for refunds or credit.

I accidentally booked the wrong roller skating lessons. What can I do?

Whoops! That’s unfortunate. Please let us know know via email within 24 hours of booking your roller skating course if you have accidentally chosen the incorrect course. If there are still spaces open on the course you would like to take, we may be able to switch you to that course. If there are no spaces to exchange the course, we would be happy to offer you a credit voucher redeemable with your next Roll Happy booking. 

If this happens within 48 hours of the scheduled class, or 7 days before the scheduled course start, no refunds or credits are possible. If you have already started the course, no changes are possible.

What happens if I'm unwell?

If you are unwell, rest up, and we look forward to seeing you back in class when you’re better. Our instructors will always recap what we learnt in class to help you catch up - just let them know what you missed when you’re back in class.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer catch up classes for missed sessions. We wish we could, but our courses run at capacity so we can’t add extra people in - we have a limit to how many people can skate safely in each space. 

You won’t be able to get a refund or take a make-up class for any sessions you miss within a course. 

If you have COVID please don’t come to class. Follow the current government guidance on isolation and let us know asap. 

I can’t make it to one of the sessions on a course, can I get a refund?

You cannot get a refund if you miss a class on a course. Please check the dates of the course you’re booking carefully before purchasing. We’ll always recap skills throughout a course and everyone will learn at their own pace so missing a class won’t affect your participation in the rest of the course.

What happens if you cancel my roller skating lesson?

In the super unlikely event that we have to cancel your class we’ll make reasonable efforts to contact you by email or phone to let you know if we have to cancel your class. We’ll offer you the option of being transferred to another equivalent session at an alternative date and time (subject to availability).

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

No. Tickets are non-transferrable. Everyone that joins us for a roller skating lesson needs to read and agree to our health and safety waiver policy at checkout.

Can I get a refund?

No, we don’t offer refunds. Please check the date and time of the class you’re booking carefully before purchasing a ticket.

Our Venues

How do I find the venue?

Evelyn Grace Academy. 255 Shakespeare Rd, London SE24 0QN
The entrance is on Shakespeare Road.

When you arrive at the school press the square, silver button at the entrance gates and the gate will be unlocked for you. Walk down the ramp, at the bottom of the ramp, cross over the running track and take the double doors on your right. Follow the corridor to the end, where you’ll find both the sports hall and dance studio.

If you need assistance, there will be a member of school staff on site at reception who can direct you. Any problems when you arrive, give the venue a call on 020 7737 9520

The Bridge Academy, Laburnum St, London E2 8BA
When you arrive head to the main reception on the corner of Labernum St and Haggerston Rd. Reception will sign you in and point you in the right direction.

Any problems call reception on 020 7749 5240

Acland Burghley School Sports Centre, Churchill road, Tufnell Park, London NW5 1AN 

Entrance to the sports centre at Acland Burghley School is on Churchill Road.

When you arrive at the school enter through the gate and walk directly ahead until you see the reception on your right. Classes are held in the gymnasium, which is to your right as you enter.

If you need assistance, there will be a member of school staff on site at reception who can direct you.

Any problems when you arrive, give the venue a call on 07841 337482

Pelham Primary School, Southey Rd, London SW19 1NU

Entrance to Pelham Primary Sports Hall is via the car park on Southey Street, slightly past the main reception. Head straight there rather than going to reception.

When you arrive at the school head through the green carpark gates and you will see the doors to the hall ahead on the left. If the car park gates are closed ring the buzzer.

If you need assistance, there will be a member of school staff on site at reception who can direct you.

Any problems when you arrive, give the venue a call on 020 8542 2005.

Can I park at the venue?

There’s on-street parking available on Shakespeare Road just outside the school. Bicycles can be locked up inside the gates, next to reception.

There’s free car and bicycle parking at the venuel. Ring the buzzer at the metal gates behind the school on Labernum street to get access to the car park.

There’s on-street parking available on Churchill Road right outside. You can lock your bicycle in the grounds, at your own risk.

There's a carpark at the venue and street parking available on Southey Road. Bicycles can be locked up within the grounds, at your own risk.

Skates & Equipment

I’m a beginner, what roller skates should I buy?

Let's start with what we absolutely do not recommend - the sports Direct Figure Ladies Roller Skates. We’ll be honest, the wheels don’t roll at all and they’re JUST. THE. WORST. Sure, they’re cheap but we guarantee you’ll want to replace these after a few sessions.

Onto the good stuff. Our favourite skates for beginners are Rookie Artistic, Rookie Bump, Rookie Classic, Lmnade Throwback or Moxi Rainbow. These are the best value and quality and skaters that start in these progress quickly and feel safe. We recommend these as they have an adjustable toe stop so you can easily adjust to your preference as you progress. Most importantly they have lots of ankle support which can help you feel much more stable as you’re starting out. If your budget is a little higher, we also recommend Luna Skates, Chaya Skates and Moonlight Roller.

Cheaper skates can break easily and some aren’t recommended for most adults' body weights so we recommend looking for skates that are at the top end of your budget as they’ll be most suitable.

Skates are in high demand at the moment so they hold their value well - when you’re ready to upgrade there are lots of Facebook groups for reselling skates.

Want to hear it from a skate shop? Check out this super detailed post on the Roller Girl Gang Blog.

What wheels should I buy? Do I need indoor wheels? Do I need outdoor wheels?

If you’re a beginner we recommend sticking with the wheels you already have on your skates until you’re sure what type of skating you love. Indoor wheels are harder and will feel more slippery on an indoor floor which could give you that bambi on ice feeling. We regularly skate indoors on our outdoor wheels. If you’re sure you plan on regularly skating outside then we recommend swapping your wheels to a set designed for outdoor use to cruise over rough ground more easily. We encourage all our skaters to focus on practice and skating technique over gear upgrades as the main ways to improve your skating.

To protect our floors wheels must not be harder than 99A.

I’m ready for a roller skate upgrade, what roller skates should I buy?

Chat to our friends at Roller Girl Gang for professional advice on roller skate upgrades. You might not need to buy a whole new pair of skates; you might just benefit from some new wheels or other cheaper upgrades!

What protective kit do I need?

To join our classes you’ll need to have your own set of wrist guards and knee pads and wear them to every class. We also recommend a helmet and elbow pads. We recommend shopping for your kit with our friends at Roller Girl Gang.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are welcome but not required. We only ask you to wear knee pads and wrist guards in our roller skating classes but some of our skaters feel more confident when they’re wearing a helmet and many of the skaters in our classes wear them. If you ever want to play roller derby or ramp skate you absolutely 100% definitely need a helmet.

I’m too cool to wear protective kit. Can I still come to your class?

No. Safety is sexy, so you’ll need to wear knee pads and wrist guards to join one of our classes.

Do I need toe stops? Do I need to take my toe stops out?

To protect our floors jam plugs or toe stops are required for all our classes.

Choosing between toe stops or jam plugs is absolutely up to you, but we have some recommendations depending on the style of class you're joining.

You'll definitely need toe stops for our Intro to Artistic courses.

If you have toe stops you'll use these for some of the skills we teach in our Learn to Skate courses and classes. If you prefer to wear jam plugs (those teeny tiny button toe stops), that's great too. If you’re nervous to try skating with jam plugs this is a safe and encouraging environment for you to try it out.

Emma always wears toe stops and Sarah prefers jam plugs, it’s all about finding your preference.

Do I need jam plugs?

In order to prevent damage to the floors at our venues you’ll need to wear jam plugs if you take your toe stops out, to avoid scratching the floor.

Do you lend or rent out roller skates for classes?

No, we do not lend or rent out roller skates for classes - you must bring your own pair.

Before You Book

Where can I learn to roller skate in London?

Roll Happy has locations in South, East and North London where you can learn to roller skate.

* Brixton

* Hackney

* Camden

* Wimbledon

Learn more about our venues here.

More coming soon….

Are your London skate classes held inside or outside?

Almost all our roller skating classes are at indoor venues. When you’re learning, a smooth floor free of sticks, stones and puddles can really boost your confidence. Skating indoors also means we have safe storage for your bags while you’re in class, toilets and changing facilities, and we never have to cancel your class because of the weather. Some of our venues have mirrors to help you perfect your posture and dance technique. 

During the summer months we host occasional roller skating classes outdoors - these will be clearly marked as being at an outdoor venue. Our private outdoor venue has a smooth, colourful skate space, access to drinking water, toilets and changing facilities and safe storage for your belongings during class.

Learn more about our venues here.

What happens in a Roll Happy roller skating class?

All Roll Happy roller skating classes start with either a seated or rolling warm up and an introduction and safety briefing from our instructors. 

During the class, our instructors will break down moves before increasing the difficulty, so there’ll always be something at your level to work on. Throughout class, the instructors will guide and support you through new skate skills, all to an uplifting and confidence-boosting soundtrack. 

We’ll end class with a cool down and stretch and an opportunity to ask any questions.

How do I book a roller skating class in London?

You can book a London roller skating class or course online right here on the Roll Happy website.

How much does it cost to learn to roller skate?

Roll Happy 1 hour roller skating classes are £17.50 and our courses are £100 for 6 hours of skating.

Am I too old to roller skate?

You are absolutely not too old to skate! We’ve taught skaters of all ages. As long as you’re 18+ our roller skating lessons are for you.

Am I in safe hands?

Yes. All Roll Happy instructors are fully insured, hold first aid certificates and have all been awarded Level 2 instructor certification from the British Roller Sports Federation. 

I’m a complete beginner, can I join a roller skating class?

Complete beginners are welcome to join our level 1 roller skating classes! We love introducing people to skating and putting your skates on for the first time with an instructor on hand can really calm those first time nerves. We’re encouraging, friendly instructors and understand that you might be feeling nervous or awkward. If you’re brand new to roller skating in London, join us for a Level 1 Learn to Skate class or course, we’ll get you rolling.

I’ve skated a bit before, can I still join a roller skating class?

Skaters of all experience levels are welcome to join our roller skating classes! If you’ve got a little bit of skating experience and want to improve your skills join us for a level 2 class or course.

If you can already confidently skate forwards, backwards, stop forwards & backwards, balance on one leg and change direction, join one of our more advanced level 3 or 4 lessons or courses.

What's the difference between a roller skating class and a roller skating course?

Our roller skating classes are one hour, one-off lessons. Contents of the lessons vary, depending on the level of class or the skill advertised.

Our roller skating courses are either 4 or 6 weeks long with lessons once a week. The courses follow a schedule of increasing difficulty as we guide you through various skills.

Please check carefully when you’re booking.

The roller skating lessons that I want are fully booked. What do I do?

If a particular level or location of roller skating course is fully booked, we recommend that you join the waitlist.

You'll find the 'JOIN THE WAITLIST' button on the listing for the class or course you want to book.

If someone who has booked the course cancels, we will contact our waitlist first to offer them the space. It’s also a good indication for us of how many people are interested in our roller skating courses, so that we can consider adding more lessons in the future.

What level should I join?

We split our roller skating courses into four difficulty levels.

Level 1

These courses and classes are suitable for absolute beginners, anyone who is feeling wobbly or wants to build their confidence. Our skate instructors will take things slowly and go over the basics, making sure you feel safe and supported while learning key roller skating skills.
Suitable for:
• Absolute beginners
 Anyone who is feeling nervous
• People who want to go slow

Level 2

IIf you can roller skate forwards, backwards and stop our level two courses will be a good fit for you. At this level you will build on the basic roller skating skills we teach in our level one classes. If you’ve done some skating before you can take a level two course without taking level one.
Suitable for:
• People who’ve done a bit of skating
• Anyone who wants to refresh their skills
• Skaters who’ve completed Level 1

Level 3

Our level three courses are designed to give you something new to work on, whether that’s an introduction to Artistic skating, some new dance moves or tricks and skills that use intermediate level techniques. You will need to be able to skate forwards, backwards, turn and stop.
Suitable for:
• Those wanting to continue to learn
• Skaters who've completed Level 2
• Intermediate level skaters

Level 4

Our level four courses and lessons are our designed to take your roller skating skills to new heights. These classes have been created to challenge our skaters. Learn new choreography, how to link moves to improve your flow and advanced techniques. You will need to be able to skate forwards, backwards, turn and stop.
Suitable for:
• Anyone looking for a challenge
• Skaters who've completed Level 2 or 3
• Intermediate & Experienced skaters

I’ve already joined a level 1 course, what now?

Congrats on completing our level 1 course! The majority of our skaters join us for a level 1 course more than once - practising and learning skills more than once is the key to improving your skate skills! You can join level 1 courses and classes for as long as you like until you feel ready to join level 2. 

I am an experienced roller skater, can I join the beginner roller skating lessons?

We ask that experienced skaters join us for the appropriate class level. It can be intimidating for beginner roller skaters to join a brand new hobby and be in a space with more experienced skaters. If no classes are available at your level, please join the waitlists.

Styles Of Classes Explained

What is Learn to Skate?

The Roll Happy Learn to Skate sessions are roller skating lessons for Level 1 - 3 skaters. We offer one-hour drop-in classes, four-week courses and six week courses. 

In our level 1 classes we’ll learn to skate forwards, backwards, and stop safely. In our level 2 classes we’ll build on our skills from level 1 and develop our tricks, speed and style. In our level 3 classes we'll introduce new tricks and flow to your skating.

What is Intro to Artistic?

The Roll Happy Intro to Artistic classes are for Level 3 skaters with some skating experience. In our Intro to Artistic skating course we’ll work on classic artistic style moves; we’ll work on edges, arabesques, learn dance routines, spinning and jumping, building up to a waltz jump. All the skills you'll learn in these classes will benefit any style of skating.

What is Skate Dance?

At a Roll Happy Skate Dance class you’ll learn to pivot, shuffle and shake your thing on your wheels. We’ll work on classic skate dance moves like the Downtown, Dribble and Strut Walk, as well as starting you on your journey to Crazy Legs.

Skate Dance classes are available at levels 2, 3 and 4. If you are completely new to roller skating we recommend taking a level 1 Learn To Skate course first.

What is a Social Skate?

The Roll Happy Social Skates are self-led practice sessions. They are chance for you to spend time on your roller skates, perfecting the skills you have been learning in lessons.

There is no formal teaching during Social Skates but they are a great opportunity for you to meet other people learning to roller skate, share your skills and help each other.

Our instructors will be there to keep you safe and make sure everyone is rolling happy.

You've Booked, What Next?

What do I need to bring to my roller skating class?

It is important to bring the required equipment to a Roll Happy roller skating class or we can’t allow you to join. Please bring the following items:

  • Roller Skates
  • Wrist Guards
  • Knee Pads
  • Drink Bottle/ Water

If you prefer to also wear elbow pads and a helmet they’re very welcome and lots of our skaters feel more confident while wearing these. We also recommend you pack your skate tool if you have one.

Requirements to protect our floors:

  • Wheels must not be harder than 99A
  • Jam plugs or toe stops are required

If you haven't replaced or removed any parts of your skates they will meet the above requirements.

What time should I arrive for my roller skating class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your roller skating class to give you plenty of time to get your skates and protective kit on.

Find more info about the venue you’re skating at and how to get there HERE.

What should I wear to my roller skate lessons?

Roller skating is more exercise than you might imagine so you’ll definitely work up a sweat. Wear something you feel comfortable to work out in; but glitter and disco vibes are always encouraged.

Where can I leave my stuff during the roller skating lesson?

All our roller skating lessons take place in private halls with no access for the general public, so they will be safe in the room with us.

I’ve booked a roller skating course, does it matter if I miss one of the sessions?

If you’re not going to be able to make it to one of the classes on your course, you are still welcome to continue with the next classes. We’ll always recap skills throughout a course and everyone will learn at their own pace, so missing a class won’t affect your participation in the rest of the course. You will not be able to take a make-up class if you are late or miss a class.

What happens if I run late to a roller skating class?

We understand that life happens, but please do your best to arrive in plenty of time for class. If you arrive late, it will be up to our instructors discretion to decide if it’s safe for you to join the class. In line with our refund policy, you will not be refunded for your class if you’re unable to attend or because you are late. You will not be able to take a make-up class.

Will I fall over in class?

As with any sport, roller skating comes with a certain amount of risk. This is why all Roll Happy beginner courses start with a safety briefing on how to fall safely, and why protective gear is required in order to take part in our classes.

Can my friend/ partner/ relative come and watch a roller skating lesson? 

No. Only those who have booked and are participating in our roller skating classes are allowed to attend, for safety, security and comfort of all of our skaters.

Gift Cards

Can I give someone a Roll Happy roller skating class as a gift?

Yes! What a brilliant and thoughtful human you are! You can buy a gift card from our online store that can be redeemed for any of our classes or courses. We think it's the perfect present for a roller skater!

Health & Safety

Can I join a roller skating class if I'm pre- or postnatal?

No. Unfortunately you can’t join a roller skating class if you are, or suspect you are pregnant or postnatal due to the risk of falling. Email us if you’ve booked and find out you’re pregnant.

What COVID safety measures do you have in place to keep everyone safe in class?

There is hand sanitiser, and hand washing facilities available at all of our locations.

Where we have the option, we’ll open windows or run the air conditioning to keep the air circulating. We always keep our classes small so there is plenty of space to maintain social distancing and skate around safely. All our venues operate strict cleaning policies.

Are there any restrictions on class capacity?

We always keep our classes small so there is plenty of space to skate around safely. Depending on the size of each venue there will be one or two instructors in each class, we always adhere to the strict capacity policies in place at our venues. If you’re a beginner we’ll focus on learning to stop and swerve in our classes so you can safely and quickly avoid others in class.

I’ve got COVID, what do I do?

If you have COVID please don’t come to class. Follow the current government guidance on isolation and let us know via email ASAP. We will do our best to accommodate you, however in line with our refund policy you will not be able to get a refund or take a make-up class if you are unable to attend.

Contact Us

How can I contact you?

Get in touch with us by email at hello@rollhappy.co.uk or send us a DM via our Instagram @rollhappy.london.

When will I hear back from you?

We’ll do our best to answer all your emails and DMs as quickly as possible. If you message us on the day of a class we may already be at the venue teaching and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience while we answer all your emails & DMs.